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McPherson Yacht Design

High-Quality, Bespoke, and Modernised Design

We are industry-leading designers of custom and high-quality yacht within Australia. Our goal is to provide access to modernised boats for your cruising and sailing needs.

Our Designs

We offer a wide range of designs that cut across the various categories below.

Cruising Yachts

Enjoying the best experience cruising through the sea is as a result of exceptional and bespoke design. Our team can provide the best exterior and interior designs for your cruising yachts.

Motor Yachts

Our bespoke design services are also available for power yachts. We cater for the naval architecture and engineering needs of your motor yachts for the best experience.


We continually propel and discover new frontiers with our superyachts designs. Our designers ensure that you can enjoy premium comfort and functionality.

Sailing Yachts

With exceptional success recorded in past projects, we design a sailing yacht for the best experience. Our refit and restoration are functional to ensure that they can meet up with your sailing needs.


Comfort, performance, attention to detail and functional systems are our priority in our multihulls design. We provide a professional build.

Additional Services

Beyond our actual design, we also offer additional services that ensure your yacht experience is seamless and convenient. Our other services cut across the areas below.

Design Consultancy

We are professionals who offer our services as engineers and designers to professional bodies, project managers, and boat builders. Our services ensure premium construction.


It can be somewhat challenging to finance your yachts design and purchase. At McPherson Yacht Design, our commitment to a comprehensive delivery ensures we offer you financing services to provide an easy and convenient purchase.


Making your boat design fit into your plans comes at a considerable cost. It is only proper if you protect your investment in your boat. At McPherson Yacht Design, we offer insurance services that ensure you get value even in the event of wasted circumstances.

Why Choose Us

You might be wondering why thousands of Australian choose us to handle their yacht designs. Well, here is why

High Quality

Our design process produces only high-quality yachts. At the core of our delivery is our commitment to ensuring that our output is industry-leading. As such, we adopt novel technologies and best practices and processes to ensure you get the best result.

Expert Team

Our team comprises of experts with many years of experience. Our success story is due to them. They continually ensure you can enjoy the best designs and services when you choose us.


We provide our services at affordable rates. With us, you do not have to break the bank to get that bespoke and quality delivery that brings your boat needs to reality.

Getting to Know Our Design Process

We provide only quality delivery thanks to our design process. Our design process starts by establishing a yacht vision, then designing a proposal for its development. We then proceed to design documentation, cost analysis and contract performance. Afterwards, we deliver your vessel to you.