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Cruising Yachts

Cruising Yachts are always the best yachts you can get for a superb and cruising experience on the sea. With them, you are sure of having a fantastic voyage regardless of the distance.

At McPherson Yachts Designs, we recognise that having a cruising yacht goes beyond the name. You also have to match it with a breathtaking design.

Well, that’s why we exist. We offer all the design services you can even imagine. Our goal is to provide you with a breathtaking design that is suitable for all your specification and to global standards.

As forward-looking professionals, our services cut through CAD design to manufacturing drawings. We give your cruising yacht a desirable layout that makes it stand at whether on the sea or at the anchor.

Our services cut through the following areas.

Exterior Design

Unarguably, the first thing that draws you to your yacht is how beautiful it looks from afar. This is to say that exterior design is essential.

At McPherson Yacht Designs, we understand this correctly and have put everything in place to give your cruising yacht a great exterior design.

We tailor our designs to your specification and global standards. Whether you are considering designing a new yacht or remodelling an old one, we are committed to giving you the luxury that fits your cruising yacht.

Interior Design

Of course, beyond the exterior beauty that our professionals provide, we also give equal attention to the interior design.

We have vast experience in engineering new interior design, expanding and remodelling existing interior designs. Think about having everything in your cruising yacht just where they are supposed to be. We design the interior with mathematical accuracy to give your comfort and luxury all through your sea voyage.

Naval Architecture

With our Naval Architecture, we give your cruising yacht the best mechanical and electrical design possible. Our professionals design all these with safety, perfection and luxury in mind.

Our naval architecture design incorporates Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). It also includes stability analysis to give your cruising yacht a balanced weight.

Strategic Sourcing

At McPherson Yachts Design, we have designed our strategic sourcing design services to meet your specifications. We offer the best strategic sourcing model for your cruising yacht in the industry. If you know any other design company that provides better, let us know, we will beat their best services overnight.

Technical Consultation

We know that the cruising yacht may pose some difficulties to the owner sometimes, so we have also made arrangements for technical consultation specifically for your cruising yacht.

Whatever may be the issue you are facing, our professionals would handle it and give you the best advice and analysis for your cruising yacht. For clarity, some of the technical consultation services we offer include remodelling advice, manufacturing process advice and commercial evaluation for your cruising yacht.

You can contact us for your cruising yacht design. We would be happy to deliver you that sea experience you desire.