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When looking to purchase a yacht, you must be ready to make a significant financial commitment. In most case, this financial commitment will run into thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, this cost can be quite daunting, especially when you are trying to make a lump sum payment.

Regardless, you can avoid these circumstances. Whether you are an individual who cannot afford the payment of the lump sum, or you can, but you are looking for a convenient payment option, you can take advantage of a finance option. With this, you get, easy, quick, and convenient access to the boat of your choice, all without having to make the lump sum payment yourself.

Our team at McPherson Yacht Design specialise in bringing this convenience to you. We have a team of experienced finance brokers. We connect you to a lender and ensure you can make your desired purchase without threatening your financial stability.

We partner with you and identify your needs. Then, we assist you in choosing a suitable and cost-effective finance option that meets your financial needs. You can contact us to get started.

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How We Work

Our finance brokerage services are optimised to provide ease and convenience as you begin your journey to a boat purchase. Our finance process involves the following stages.

1. Consultation

We begin with an in-depth consultation with you after you contact us. Your task at this stage is to help us understand what you need and your financial situation. Our goal is to connect the dots even beyond your analysis.

2. Application

After the first stage, we take charge of your boat financing. We apply our wide range of experts to find you the best possible loan option within the lending market. We then make the necessary application on your behalf.

3. Contract

We do not just end at finding you the best loan option; we also help you negotiate the most favourable terms. Then, we ensure that all the necessary documentation is in order. We ensure they reflect the terms that protect your financial stability.

Available Finance Options

We offer two finance options that you can take advantage of. They are

We offer the secured loan option that allows you to obtain the purchase price with a lower interest rate. With this option, you get the purchase price then provide security for the loan. Usually, you use the yacht as security. Then, you make payments as agreed. Then, upon discharging the payment, the security arrangement comes to an end.

Our unsecured yacht finance has the following characteristics

  • You use your yacht as security for the finance
  • Fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan
  • Fixed repayments that suit your needs
  • Fixed loan duration with little break fees in case of an early payout

We offer the unsecured loan option that allows you to obtain the purchase price without providing any security for the loan. Usually, with a higher rate compared to the secured finance, you agree to a repayment schedule. Then, upon completion, the loan arrangement ends.

Our unsecured yacht finance has the following characteristics

  • You do not offer any security for the loan
  • Cheap interest rates which may be variable or fixed
  • Fixed repayments that suit your needs (option for additional refund)
  • Fixed loan duration with little break fees in case of an early payout (fixed interest arrangement)
  • Fixed loan duration with no break fees in case of an early payout (variable interest arrangement)

Boat Finance Calculator

Uncertainties are the order of the day. However, they do not have to be with your yacht finance. You can leverage the finance calculator tool to get an estimate of your potential repayment obligation. This way, you know whether you can afford to take a loan or not.

All you will need to do is enter the amount you intend to loan. Then, how long you want the loan arrangement to last for. You will then need to enter the estimated interest rate and your repayment schedule. Then, once you enter this and click calculate, you get an estimate of your repayment obligation within that schedule.

Why Choose McPherson Yacht Design

You might be wondering why thousands of Australian choose us to handle their yacht financing. Well, here is why:

Multiple Lenders

We provide easy access to a wide range of lenders within the Australian lending industry. Our team of brokers have a considerable experience that allows us to provide access to this comprehensive lender list. In turn, this ensures we can attend to all your needs

Best Rates

We connect you with the best rates within the industry. They are competitive and ensure that your yachts finance is as financially convenient as possible.

Fast Process

Our process is seamless and fast. Between our consultation with you and connecting you with willing lenders, there’s hardly a waiting period. You can contact us for your yacht finance. We will be happy to help you.