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Your yacht is an extraordinary possession. And as with all unique things, they deserve protection. Whatever it is you use your vessel for, you can be sure of insurance protection. That’s why at McPherson Yacht Design, we offer you comprehensive insurance packages.

We understand that your yachts can vary from others. Thus, we offer you a special policy that meets your needs and budget. Our insurance policies for you depend on agreed value bases. That means we will pay back your claims for the value of your yacht insurance.

The most exciting part of our insurance cover is the variety we offer. We understand that many things can go wrong. Thus, we aim to cover you for all kinds of issues. We also include all your yacht uses in our policies.

We offer you insurance ranging from your yacht type to the equipment you use on your boat. You can also be sure of several other benefits. Our team of insurance and yacht professionals provides you with flexible service.

What Do We Offer You?

We provide comprehensive packages to protect your yacht. From cruising yachts to sailing and motor yachts, we ensure to cover you in all. We offer you cover for damage and theft. We also provide insurance for the unintended loss of your boat.

Our insurance cover offers unique protection for your yacht. With McPherson Yacht Design, you can cover your boat based on either its market value or the agreed value. As an incentive, our policy provides you with additional benefits and waivers.

We provide cover for not only your yacht but also for its parts. We understand that your vessel may have intricate components that require insurance cover. Thus, we provide you with repair insurance for these parts. Our policy covers sails, masts, propellers, and spreaders.

Did you accidentally cause damage to a third-party? We’ve got you covered. At McPherson Yacht Design, we offer you liability cover up to $10 million. We also provide cover for your other issues like berthing liability and costs for unintentional pollution.

Our wide policy range also covers your tender. We provide insurance for your supplies on your yacht’s tender. At McPherson Yacht Design, we also allow for optional protections on your tender. These options include covers for water-skiers and observers.

We also provide professional services for your personal and vehicle needs. Our policy allows for passenger accommodation and medical assistance whenever you are not on home waters. What’s more? Our vehicle assist offers you rental services for transporting your yacht off and on waters.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Expert Professionals

Our team comprises of workers who share a deep commitment and understanding of value. We boast of a large workforce with requisite experience and skill.

Comprehensive and Flexible Services

We offer you a broad range of services from which you can choose. Despite our vast offerings, we also create specialised services that suit you.