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Our Design Process

At McPherson Yacht Design, the yacht designs we make for you are always second to none. We are your most trusted yacht designer in terms of quality and cost.

We adopt Australia’s most acceptable quality procedures when designing your boats. We aim to provide you with quality yachts. For this reason, we follow your production from design to construction. We not only create beautiful designs but we also carefully suggest the best materials to your contractors.

Our variety of boat design services makes us stand out. We understand that your yacht preferences may vary. That’s why we work with the specifics you give us. Our job is to design based on your recommendations. Nevertheless, we ensure to deliver the highest professional services.

How Do We Design Your Quality Yachts?

Ever wonder how we make those yacht designs? We adopt a strict step by step procedure. Our services enjoy a high level of trust due to our compliance with best practices across the world. Do you wish to trust us with your yacht design? Here are the simple ways we take in creating them.

We Receive Your Design Proposals

Our work starts when you start. We receive your instructions on the type of yacht you prefer. From there, we conduct tests to determine the viability of your proposals. We then make hand and computer drawings based on your request. In this process, we sketch designs and create sample styles.

We Develop Your Design Proposals

We go a step further to develop your proposals. In this process, we complete all drawings. Our focus turns now to the realistic depiction of your yacht. We create 3D design images of all exterior and interior parts. Afterwards, we prepare the final documents and send them for your approval.

We Document Your Design

In this process, we highlight your yacht specifications and the standard required for workers. We also draw up final designs and make recommendations for materials. Our recommendations for the construction schedule of your yacht also comes in here.

We Issue Design Plans to Your Contractors and Supervise

At this stage, all our plans, schedules, recommendations and instructions go to your constructors. We don’t stop there. We go on to approve all materials at a budget cost. These materials range from fittings, furnishings to tender. We periodically check on your contractors to assess quality standards of equipment, construction and craft. We confirm costs, payments and balance all your accounts here. Finally, we assess the date of your project’s completion.

We Deliver Your Vessel and Provide Construction Support

When our work is all done, we confirm if your vessel has no defects before we deliver. We provide you with all the relevant documents in our care. We also ensure the installation of all items and materials. Even after execution, we help with subsidiary matters like warranty and item replacement.

Our multidisciplinary workforce comprises of individuals skilled in design and construction. This way, we can provide you with unmatched services. We are passionate about the quality products we deliver. We also ensure our work matches global standards and requirements.